Tilley Spinal & Wellness Center Services

Course of Treatment

Treatment is dictated by the diagnosis identified from a detailed consultation and thorough evaluation. The patient should expect a complete explanation of his/her condition. The doctor will propose a personal treatment plan with specific goals to decrease pain, improve flexibility, improve coordination, and improve joint mobility. However, our greatest goal is to restore your function for your natural ability to continue to pursue your life goals. We feel that a team approach to your care should always be a potential consideration for your maximum benefit, in the shortest period of time. This may be care coordinated, through your own physician, or one from another specialist depending on your needs.

Types of Treatment

During your chiropractic experience, you will receive chiropractic techniques, including spinal adjustments (with traditional manual techniques or low force techniques) physical therapy modalities including: ultrasound, flexion/distraction or various forms of electric stimulation. Other offered services include lifestyle recommendations, nutritional recommendations, exercise rehabilitation, and massage/myofascial release techniques. We also focus on advisement in the realm of natural healing and alternative measures.

NEW! Athletic soft tissue/trigger point technique

Athletic soft tissue/trigger point technique is now an appointment option at Tilley Spinal! Once reserved for athletic training rooms, this technique is now available in our office. For the "Serious Athlete," the modalities of Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulator machines, along with a soft tissue Chiropractic technique of muscle release combine to produce the following benefits:

-Reduction of Chronic Muscle Trigger points.

-Less muscle tightness.

-Increased range of motion which can enhance athletic performance.

-Reduced muscle pain.

One hour appointment - Call for pricing, details, and to schedule.

Conditions We Commonly Treat Include...

-Neck pain                                                                    -Bursitis/Tendonitis

-Low back pain                                                            -Sports injuries

-Sciatica (Leg pain)                                                     -Plantar fascitis

-Shoulder sprain/strains                                            -Muscle strains/pulls

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                        -Tennis/golfer’s elbow

-Disc problems                                                            -Postural imbalance

-TMJ Disorders                                                             -And many other Neuromusculoskeletal conditions


Supplements Available

We can order Advocare products for you. Please check with our office to see what we have in stock. For more information, please see our Advocare Challenge information at http://www.advocare.com/140443589

Cold Laser Therapy

The newest treatment option available in our office: FDA approved Cold Laser Therapy using a low powered LASER to deliver a precise dosage of energy deep into the cell. Research has shown that the LASER accelerates the healing process, reduces inflammation and stabilizes nerve endings that decrease pain. Some conditions treated by Cold Laser include Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Back Pain, Tendonitis, and Osteoarthritis, just to mention a few.

Premium Care Appointments

Those patients who wish to have a little more time and attention in order to facilitate healing can schedule Premium Care appointments. Premium Care patients will be seen for twice the regular appointment time and will be offered more treatment options. A Premium Care patient may have need of more time for a Chiropractic Manipulation, or may be given a Chiropractic Manipulation Treatment plus Cold Laser Therapy, Chiropractic Manipulation plus Electric Stimulation, or Chiropractic Manipulation plus Ultrasound. Premium Care visits are charged a fee of $100, a savings of $10.


Tilley Spinal does NOT file insurance claims. We are happy to provide a statement of account that can be used to file with a patient's insurance company. Tilley Spinal no longer treats Medicare patients.

Typical Fees

Typical first visit fees are $130.00. Follow up adjustment fee is $65  as long as there is an appointment "on the books."  "Call-ins" are $70.